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About Nashoba Learning Group

NLG was founded in 2002 to offer a different life trajectory for individuals with autism and their families. Our organization uses evidence-based teaching procedures, delivered by highly trained and supervised teaching staff, and customized for each individual in partnership with their family. Today NLG is able to provide outstanding, individualized education, training, and intervention services for over 170 individuals aged three to adult, who are from over 60 communities across Massachusetts and New Hampshire. NLG strives to enable individuals to achieve their potential and become productive members of society throughout their lives.

What about DEI at Nashoba Learning Group?

At NLG, we believe in cultivating an environment that it equitable, inclusive, and nurturing to all individuals; we believe in embracing the identity of the individual and inviting all individuals to be a part of the ongoing process to create a community that fosters diversity, openness, and communication through actions. We are behavior analysts and educators, and through this lens we develop our action plans to reflect what we know about effective ways to change the behavior of individuals and organizations, in order to remove barriers, enhance equality, and ensure all voices are heard.

Our students receive an education that is uniquely tailored to their individual needs. We work closely with the families of our students to design programming and curricula that are in alignment with their individual goals and values. In addition to providing academic education and behavioral intervention, NLG nurtures community partnerships with 90 local businesses to provide our students with volunteer and employment opportunities.

Our staff are provided with a mentor immediately following Orientation to help guide and support their journey through our internal development model. NLG’s comprehensive training program ensures that all staff are provided with equal opportunities for career advancement. In addition, staff also participate in a separate enhanced group mentoring model where they are provided the opportunity to meet with senior administrative staff. Mentor Circles serve as an opportunity for staff to share their perspectives. Staff also participate in a training series provided by a BCBA specializing in cross-cultural awareness.  

DEI Resource Coordinators and support staff located at each of our program locations evaluate DEI practices and curricula on an ongoing basis to ensure that NLG remains a fun, inclusive, and accepting community. We look forward to continuing to engage our staff, our students and their families in this critical effort, and invite you to join us!  


ABA Therapist Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Billerica, MA
“I loved being able to use my psychology coursework for a hands on experience. I got to see how IEPs function in a student's day to day life. I also loved how individualized the treatment is at NGL. Each student gets about 5-6 teachers on their team working together to make sure ”
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