NAC Architecture

Architectural Intern

January - December 2017 • Spokane, WA

What I liked

I love NAC's mission and culture. NAC focuses on projects that improve communities: schools, medical facilities, and niche community projects. I also loved the opportunity to take the lead on projects and work with principal architects, clients, contractors, and consultants on a daily basis. I felt an immense amount of trust from the firm.

What I wish was different

Hard to say, since I love the company so much. I wish that I had been more proactive when my workload was too light or when I didn't know how to tackle assignments I had been given. Having a specific mentor/supervisor I could trust would have helped, but NAC has since implemented a mentor program to increase communication and career development.


Be proactive! Let the firm know what you'd like to work on and what your professional goals are. If you don't know what to do, let people know! We succeed together.
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