Murata Electronics

Engineering Assistant

January 2019 - August 2020 • Smyrna, GA

What I liked

The people that worked there are all extremely friendly, and more than happy to help out if you have any questions. This place is a great foot in the door in the professional Business Engineering side of EE. This company also widen your perspective in regards of what is out there for the technical side of electrical engineering by introducing you to many more companies in you local area or all over the word.

What I wish was different

I wish there were more specialization regarding to which product the CO-OP can handle. To explain further, a new CO-OP will be taking care of the regular duty, and learn about all the components that Murata have to offer, but once their second rotation comes around, the student will be able to specialize in on a category of parts such as sensor, capacitors, emi, rfid, and so on to get a better technical understanding of the parts, and once they become a senior they will be able to travel with the engineers to client's meeting.


My piece of advice is to talk to the people there. They are all extremely friendly.
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