Mt. Hope Family Center, UR

About Mt. Hope Family Center, UR

In 1979, Mt. Hope Family Center began as a therapeutic preschool program for children affected by violence in their home or community.  We’ve become the only agency in Rochester employing two innovative concepts to help build strong families. 

First, Mt. Hope Family Center combines scientific research, clinical services and hands-on mentoring and training in one facility.  By working closely together, we’re developing and providing more effective therapies while improving research in human development, maternal depression, child neglect and abuse.

Second, although our work is rooted in psychology, we want to discover how other scientific disciplines might improve our understanding of human
development.  Integrating elements of social work, medicine and, most recently, engineering is creating scientific collaborations that keep us on the leading edge of our field.

Sheree Toth Ph.D. is the Executive Director of Mt. Hope Family Center. Dr. Toth is also a tenured associate professor of psychology at the University of Rochester.



June 2019 - August 2019 Rochester, NY
“I loved the environment and the freedom I had to try different skills. I had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience while becoming more aware of current local issues. ”

Psychology Research Intern

May 2019 Rochester, NY
“I really liked the office environment and working with the staff members. During visits I would run the cameras and do a lot of data coding and keying.”
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