MSU Plant Biology Labs

Bio synthesis researcher

May 2018 • East Lansing, MI

What I liked

I got exposed to different ways of strategizing , collecting and analyzing which were valuable assets at improving my research skills and supplementing my theoretical knolwedge.In addition ,I found this research intriguing because it promoted teamwork ,creative ,critical thinking and problem solving which are very significant in engineering industries.

What I wish was different

Everything was perfect but ,from my perspective point of view I wish I got involved in research or took an introductory class earlier instead of going straight into research.Eventhough I got involved in research with limited skills ,the knowledge I acquired was far beyond my expectation.


If we knew what we are doing it wouldn’t be called a research.There are many research opportunities across the world which could make a positive impact towards improving humankind,and overcoming our fears and stepping out of our comfort zone to be fully involved in this kind of opportunities can be a life changing situation.Therefore it’s upon us to identify our purpose and work towards making it better,and by doing so we can make this world a better place for all living species.Never take anything for granted ,somethings may look small but the impact such things have in life is way beyond par and therefore it’s is very important to utilize every opportunity that comes our way
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