Motivate LLC

Valet and Brand Ambassador

July - August 2019 • Boston, MA

What I liked

I enjoyed working outside and helping people. My job was to assist customers who were returning or renting a bike, supervising the undocked bikes, and filling or pulling bikes out of the station during my shift. It was fun meeting new people from many parts of the world visiting Boston and taking a tour through Blue Bikes. It was not an easy job but it was not impossible to do. Surprisingly, the company gives free gear to prepare valets for the weather! Also food from meetings. When I first got this job, I was surprised by all the free stuff and benefits. Everyone is super friendly too! Especially the drivers who delivers bikes to stations that need them. You can also go positions if you stay long enough and do great work. It is a great job to have.

What I wish was different

I wish I had better clothes to prepare for certain weather conditions. I need to wear shorts when it is raining and when it is sunny outside. I did not have enough shorts to wear each day. I also should have asked for help since many people would fool me and take a bike.


If you work here or want to work here, actually be motivated to do your job. The work is not hard but people seem to not care about their job as much as they should. If you work, work to help the company, not to get paid. I took about 5 breaks from July 10th to August 28th. I should take a break everyday but at most stations, there is a place to sit and relax. While hours are not busy, I eat my lunch or snack. Why would I need a break? Hence, make the best out of what you have and take this job seriously.
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