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What are some behavioral questions I should expect from Morningstar?

They asked my major, my experience, why I choose this opportunity, how long I can intern for, what’s my career plan, etc. Getting referee is vital, because you will send your CV through a different channel. Try to reach out alumina.
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Will I come in as an intern and have a formal mentor at Morningstar?

Yes, in Shenzhen Office they do. Usually Analysts or Associate Analysts will be your mentors. Different teams have different functions, which means that different skill sets are needed and different sections of systems will be used. Thus, your training process various really depends on which team...
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How would you describe your day in the life working as a data analyst for Morningstar?

A typical day starts by reviewing KPIs that ensure the database, for whichever products (i.e. mutual funds, hedge funds, ETFs), are complete and all data has been received and processed. Data Analysts are responsible for data integrity, so when issues arise, it's their responsibility to both get ...
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How would you describe the work-life balance you had working at Morningstar?

Work-life balance at Morningstar is great, definitely one of it's strengths as a company. The culture is very laid back but being around so many intelligent people creates a great dynamic and supporting environment. Don't be surprised if you're pouring a glass of wine at your desk at 4pm on a Thu...
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Can any past or current Morningstar interns/employees offer quick interview screening tips?

Morningstar really looks for problem solvers above all else. Be prepared to walk through how you got to the root cause of a specific issue in the past, the steps you took to identify problems and the ultimate solution. Critical thinkers can solve problems in any capacity, so those skills are seco...
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What does it take to succeed as a Manager Research Intern at Morningstar?

As a Manager Research Intern I spend a lot of time in excel and Morningstar Direct. They will teach you what you need to know as far as Morningstar products, but knowing excel will save you a lot of time on your projects. You should also be a self-starter. Once I finish projects, I am almost alwa...
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What does it take to do well as a data analyst intern at Morningstar?

Honestly speaking, accuracy is the key. In my team, you need to know how to use excel very well. Although you are not required to do SQL programming, it’s important to know the database logic. Otherwise it can be very struggle to understand how to operate in Database Manager. But there are some o...
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What were your early impressions of Morningstar's company culture?

Extremely intellectual. Everyone is very smart and driven and they know what they need to do to succeed. There are many mentors that you can access from their network as well and I would recommend finding someone in a role you wish to have next.
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When Morningstar recruits for students, what type of "personality" or "success" do they seek after? How does that translate to the actual work?

Morningstar hires entrepreneurial, hardworking, enthusiastic people from various backgrounds who thrive in a fast-paced environment. We look for people who can understand complex businesses and technologies with strong analytical, presentational and writing skills. Self-starters do well here, es...
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Should interns at Morningstar expect a good chunk of work ownership over their projects?

There is a great amount of ownership in one's work at MS. They are really big on their project management tools and when I was there they used Jira to track the performance of your work. Every task you receive is yours to run and it is up to you to choose the best way to complete it.
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What should someone applying for an intern role at Morningstar expect to make?

Compensation for interns at Morningstar is $16/hr.
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