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What might help me prepare ahead of time for a marketing internship interview at MLive Media Group?

Look up the Parent Company, Advance Local, try your best to gain a fundamental understanding of what they do as a business and do a little research on digital Marketing, specifically regarding apps such as Google Adwords and Facebook Blueprints. Come up with some questions to ask about the compan...
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I'll soon be interviewing for a high school sports reporter job at MLive Media Group, so what should I know now?

This is a good question. I would first 1. Be familiar with AP style heading into the interview 2. Make sure you have some type of experience with reporting, whether it’s from a class or real life experience. 3. Be prepared to write a story during your interview in 15 minutes with 6 facts that the...
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How much work goes into being a high school sports reporter at MLive Media Group?

You walk in, sit at your desk, make phone call interviews to various coaches, players, administrators, etc. and then you begin writing and editing. Pretty straight forward, but the more time you spend not calling, the more time you spend at the office
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