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Great in theory. Even better in practice.

Mitchell Hamline School of Law provides a legal education grounded in legal theory and distinguished by exceptional practical legal training. A forward-thinking, independent law school with a history dating back more than 100 years, we have continually shaped legal education to be relevant to our students, their future clients, and the legal profession. We are committed to making legal education accessible and offer an unmatched number of enrollment options. Our students graduate prepared to put their degree into practice or use their legal training in the profession of their choice.

Flexible Enrollment Options

Mitchell Hamline offers four enrollment options to meet the needs of students from all walks of life. All have the same admissions standards and lead to the same J.D. The paths students take and the time required vary. Students can further customize their educational path by combining elements from various enrollment options.

Full time: On-campus, 4-5 classes per semester for 3 years, classes meet M-F.

Part-time evening and day: On-campus, 3-4 classes per semester for 4 years, first-year classes meet at 6 pm M-Th. Day schedule also available.

Part-time blended: On-campus and online, 3-4 classes per semester for the first four semesters, increased flexibility starting in semester 5. Eight campus visits total in the first four semesters; up to four more total in semesters 5-8 depending on course selection.

Theoretical Foundation

Our classes teach theory, practical and problem-solving skills, and the professional attributes students need to be successful lawyers and business practitioners.

Courses integrate lectures, reading, and hands-on training. They empower students with the ability to think critically, write sharply, advocate ethically, and solve problems effectively.

We provide a demanding legal education so engaged with the profession that our graduates have an enduring advantage as they meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world.

By the time our students earn their degree, they have the skills, knowledge, professionalism, and experience to step confidently into their career.

Skills-Based Curriculum

Skills-based coursework at Mitchell Hamline starts in the first year of law school with Lawyering: Advice and Persuasion. It features small-group classes designed to help students begin to master fundamental client-representation skills such as interviewing, researching, writing, negotiating, arguing, and settling.

In addition, all Mitchell Hamline students take upper-level classes that deepen their skills in advocacy and problem-solving as well as transactions and settlements or negotiation. Students in the advocacy course, for example, participate in a mock trial, write an appellate brief, and construct an oral argument based on that brief. Students in the transactions and settlements course negotiate deals and draft supporting documents.

These are the curricular cornerstones for an approach that's at the heart of what Mitchell Hamline offers: an experiential education that provides students with the maximum possible opportunity to do what real lawyers do while still in law school.

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