Millikin University


May - August 2020 • Decatur, IL

What I liked

I liked the flexibility with the hours; the job was completely catered to my schedule and I was able to enjoy the summer whilst working 40 hours per week. It was a fantastic experience working for someone I had wanted to work for since I had gotten to the university. I also enjoyed how I was able to get so much done just by myself and not needing to worry about dealing with many other people. There also wasn't too much paperwork to fill out or hoops to jump through: no meetings, no presentations, just working with your hands and computer.

What I wish was different

I wish I would've taken more time to be creative with my work and do some projects rather than just focusing on one or two things. I had plenty of opportunities to do something unique, but I ended up just focusing on organizing and creating spreadsheets. While those were main functions of my job, they didn't need to be done until some time each month, so instead of just powering through them, I should've done some side projects at work before the end of the month instead of only at the end of the month.


One piece of advice I would share is to make sure that when you receive a job that's incredibly flexible to your schedule, make sure you take advantage of it! While I was allowed to come in during any time of the day and night and take lunches/breaks at my pleasure (as long as I clocked 8 hours in for the day), I only did the job in 8 hour stretches instead of taking advantage of the benefits. Make sure you recognize what benefits your job presents and use them accordingly to do the best work you can for your employer. Also, be thankful!
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