Middle Georgia Regional Library

Computer Technician

June 2019 • Macon, GA

What I liked

The staff at MGRL are simply a joy to be around. The objective of the library is to equip the public with resources and knowledge they seek, so naturally my colleagues welcomed me with open arms, and were very nice in every interaction. They really care about the people, and the vision of the library, among all else. It's not just about making money, but making a difference.

What I wish was different

In the world of public service and government-oriented businesses, there is a lot of bureaucracy, a lot of paperwork, and a lot of accountability tracing. I understood this going into the position, but it is something that I do wish was different. Some projects take a long time because everyone has to sign their name, and every actionable step needs someone's approval.


Most problems that occur in my line of work can be fixed if one exhibits good communication with colleagues. Most of the issues I encountered were easily fixed, but required an ability to explain complex problems in a way that is easy to understand. You can know everything in the world about computers but not succeed in this line of work unless you develop good communication skills and learn to tell people what they are doing wrong without making them feel small.
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