Michigan Women Forward

Lending Intern

June - August 2020 • Detroit, MI

What I liked

I loved being able to help out within the Detroit community. The company is a loan lending firm that gives grants and different loans to startups and businesses created by women and minorities, people that typically wouldn't receive money from larger banks. It was great to be able to see how many great small business there are in Detroit and getting to hear their stories.

What I wish was different

I wish I was able to help more and spend more time at the company, because this was a limited internship I was only able to help for a couple months. I would have loved to work there more.


One thing that I took away from this is that you should always be open to experiences and opportunities that might not pertain to you. My major is management and this was a finance position, but that didn't stop me from learning some really valuable information about the corporate world. If anything it made me a better candidate for other jobs because I have experience in different fields.
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