Metrospect Media LLC

Video Editing Intern

August - December 2022 • St. Louis, MO

What I liked

I liked the chill company culture, as well as getting to learn more about video production from experts in the field. I also enjoyed seeing all of the cameras they had and asking questions about them, since I am into cinematography.

What I wish was different

During the time I was an intern, Metrospect had initially planned to move to a new location, but it didn't pan out. This led to a delay in my actual start time, meaning that I couldn't get my hours in during the beginning of my college semester which is when I have the least assignments. This is not Metrospect's fault, just something I wish had been different.


If you want to get faster at video editing and gain mastery of "fixing it in post," work here and edit wedding videos. Wedding venues have weird acoustics and lighting, giving you a lot of stuff to fix when you edit regardless of how fantastic the videographers and equipment are. I have memorized where a lot of "fix it" audio and video effects are located and how to manipulate them. The editing team, as well as Jason, the CEO, are skilled in this art and can teach you how to turn pumpkin-orange lighting into daylight white!
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