Metabolism Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital

About Metabolism Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital

The Metabolism Unit (MetU) at Massachusetts General Hospital is comprised of clinical investigators who conduct research on mechanisms and treatment strategies for obesity and metabolic disease. Our work has led to advances in clinical care including the development of a novel FDA-approved medication and changes to clinical practice guidelines.


Clinical Research Coordinator

June 2022 Boston, MA
“Working with Dr. Fourman and Dr. Lo at the Metabolism Unit has solidified my desire to pursue a career in medicine. I have loved working extensively on my research studies and pursuing my own independent analyses. In addition to research, this job has provided me with extensive clinical experience. Dr. Fourman and Dr. Lo always take time out of their very busy days to teach me about research, science, medicine, and what it is like to be a doctor. Their support during my medical school application process was invaluable. ”

Clinical Research Coordinator

May 2018 - June 2020 Boston, MA
“Working as a Clinical Research Coordinator at the Massachusetts General Hospital with Dr. Lindsay Fourman was an incredible learning experience. Dr. Fourman's mentorship and environment of collaborative scientific inquiry helped me to excel in various areas of clinical research. Through close collaboration with Dr. Fourman, I contributed to multiple publications, honed skills in working within multidisciplinary teams, and gained valuable experience conducting study protocols and analyzing data. Her unwavering support and guidance encouraged my professional growth and aided me in my medical school application process. Under Dr. Fourman's mentorship, I not only developed essential research skills but also enhanced my understanding of the enormous impact of research in patient care. Her dedication to supporting future researchers created a collaborative environment where every team member's contribution was valued. I had an amazing time working in the Metabolism Unit with Dr. Fourman and would highly recommend this position to anyone interested in research and medicine. ”
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