Messer Americas

Development Engineer Intern - Food and Beverage

June - August 2019 • Valley View, OH

What I liked

I really enjoyed the amount of freedom that I was allowed. No one ever checked on me to see if I was working. Everyone was very friendly and treated me like family. Everyone there got along well. There were monthly picnics where catered lunch was brought in or one of the guys grilled up burgers outside. I also liked the range of topics I got to help with. I bounced around to different departments depending on who needed me that day.

What I wish was different

I wish that my computer had been able to handle the work that I was doing and not freezing all the time. I wish that they had been a bit more organized when I was brought in. I lacked paperwork because they never sent it to me to fill out. I tracked my hours in an excel spreadsheet because I was never told the website for entering it. My boss never checked the shared spreadsheet so my hours got mixed up and I had to fix them.


Work culture is an important consideration. I've had other jobs where I couldn't stand anyone that I worked with sometimes. This makes working hard and stressful. This job was the opposite. Everyone was amazing. I didn't mind going to work at all. I had fun everyday.
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