About MERMEC Inc.

MERMEC Inc. is an engineering, manufacturing, and specialty services provider delivering comprehensive and innovate technologies to North and Latin American freight railroads, rail passenger transit systems, and steel works since 1994.
MERMEC Inc.'s portfolio includes track inspection cars, measurement and inspection systems, asset management software, and specialty contracted services for both the railway and steel industries.
MERMEC Inc. is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina where our team of engineers and specialists is engaged in research, design, production, and after sales support in order to bring long-term value to the North and Latin American customers.


Supply Chain Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 West Columbia, SC
“The amount of responsibility I had and the respect from the employees there. They helped me learn so much about the industry, supply chain, and working in general. I felt very important to their team and learned so many valuable things that is already helping me for future internships and job opportunities. ”
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