Merge Transportation

Account Executive

May - August 2022 • Charleston, SC

What I liked

The strong culture and work ethic that was very visible in the office from day one really motivated me to give my best effort on a daily basis. When interning I had the opportunity to work in multiple aspects of the business and was able to figure out where my strengths would fit best in order to obtain success. In addition, I was able to see the inner workings of a business and work closely with experienced employees that showed the skills necessary to succeed at Merge.

What I wish was different

One thing that I wish would have been different would be the amount of time that I worked with the company. I learned so much and enjoyed my time so much in the 10 weeks I worked with Merge that with 2 more weeks of experiences and training a 12 week internship would be perfect.


One piece of advice I would give from this experience is to be coachable when learning something that you have never done before. Picking up a new skill is something that seems easy on paper but when applied may be harder than expected. Having an older more experienced mentor figure is something to use to your advantage and not something to get discouraged about when they are trying make you better at the necessary skills needed to succeed.
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