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About Memphis Teacher Residency

Memphis Teacher Residency (MTR) recruits, trains, and supports effective teachers in a Christian context. • Mission: Christian love expressed in equal education. • Vision: Restored communities living with dignity and in peace. Why? We believe educational inequality is among the greatest social justice and civil rights issues of today. Learn more at Apply at History: MTR has been training teacher residents to serve students in under-resourced neighborhoods of Memphis, TN since 2009. Learn more about our program results at Residency: For college graduates, we offer a 1-year residency program where residents teach with a mentor teacher (Mon-Ths), receive weekly coaching, and participate in Master of Urban Education coursework through Union University (Fri-Sat, 100% paid for by MTR). After the residency year, 3 years of teaching in an under-resourced partner neighborhood in Memphis are required. Coaching and additional support services are continued throughout the next 3 years. Learn more about the teacher residency at MTR Camp: For college students returning to school in the fall, MTR Camp is a 6.5-week paid internship to get a taste for working towards equal education with elementary-aged students in Memphis. Learn more at Marjorie Lee Browne STEM Fellowship: For college students of color with a STEM major or minor who will be returning to school in the fall, the Marjorie Lee Browne STEM Fellowship involves serving as a paid counselor and TA at a STEM Discovery camp for rising 7th graders in Memphis, TN for 6 weeks. Learn more at


Summer Reading Teacher

June 2018 - July 2018 Memphis, TN
“I enjoyed being in a place I'd never been before. I had a great time, and I hadn't spent much time in the South before. I also had some fantastic co-interns who made the entire experience a bunch of fun. ”

MTR camp Intern

June 2018 - July 2018 Memphis, TN
“I loved the Christian outlook that MTR possessed as they promoted interns and teachers that saw the kids they were teaching as image bearers of God. This program goes beyond urban teaching experiences like Teach for America. Memphis Teacher Residency provides a supportive community and a long term preparation for teachers to seek equal education form minority communities. This internship exposed and educated me more about Urban and unequal education while also learning about the MTR graduate program. I loved that the statistics and the stories we here about urban education became real and tangible relationships as the interns grew close with the young kids in the community. ”
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