Mehlman Consulting, Inc.

About Mehlman Consulting, Inc.

Bipartisan Lobbying and Government Relations Firm


Lobbying Intern

June 2022 - July 2022 Washington, DC
“The team of lobbyists were very knowledgable and welcoming. The firm is small and close-knit and you will have many chances to speak in groups or individually with lobbyists in passing or for set times if you plan ahead. All of them are very knowledgable in their unique fields but most are also strong generalists that help work with clients from many different industries so you can follow subjects/companies you are interested in. Also the political atmosphere is not super polarized since the firm is bipartisan and lobbyists from both sides usually work together with clients. A great experience overall and a place I would highly recommend.”

Lobbyist Intern

June 2020 - July 2020 Washington, DC
“The workplace culture there was very welcoming and everyone there was very helpful. There was also a wide array of work that I was doing so I was able to get experience doing a lot of different work.”
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