Sustainability Education Intern

June - August 2018 • Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

What I liked

I had very little experience with kids because I am the youngest of 5, so getting to work and teach children (Kindergarten-2nd grade) about something I am so passionate about: Sustainability and the Environment. The area is incredibly beautiful, under a big hill called Inspiration Point. I was also a part-time farming intern, and I already had experience working on a farm the previous summer, but this one was more like a garden, but we got to take home a bunch of free produce, so I had very little food expenses!

What I wish was different

I certainly wish I could have been paid, but it did not hinder the experience in any way, and if anything, it made me feel more empowered because it meant that it was essentially voluntary, and I love and keep in touch with my friends/coworkers.


I found this employer simply through my own curiosity. I had passed the sign when I spent Spring break in Carmel last Spring Break and always felt called to go inside. I tend out to be exactly what they needed, and they were exactly what I needed. So never be afraid to take the leap if you feel called to apply somewhere, even if they may not be hiring. Sometimes, things don't happen online on massive job search websites, and you can find exactly what you need in person.
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