About MDRC

MDRC is committed to finding solutions to some of the most difficult problems facing the nation — from reducing poverty and bolstering economic self-sufficiency to improving public education and college graduation rates. We design promising new interventions, evaluate existing programs using the highest research standards, and provide technical assistance to build better programs and deliver effective interventions at scale. We work as an intermediary, bringing together public and private funders to test new policy-relevant ideas, and communicate what we learn to policymakers and practitioners — all with the goal of improving the lives of low-income individuals, families, and children.


Gueron Diversity intern

June 2019 - August 2019 New York City, NY
“I loved being a part of different policy area projects. MDRC is just also a very friendly work environment. ”

Gueron Undergraduate Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 New York City, NY
“I loved working on multiple projects at once because it exposed me to multiple facets of MDRC's work. I also enjoyed the opportunity to make projects my own and really take the lead on some initiatives. ”
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Questions & Answers

What skills do I need to succeed as a Technical Research Assistant at MDRC?

Non-profit +1

What does a typical day at MDRC look like?

Day in the Life +2
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