McIntyre Library, UW-Eau Claire

Student Assistant in Collection Development

January 2019 • Eau Claire, WI

What I liked

A lot of it is just them telling me what to do and then I get to be by myself when I do them. It was a nice break from the world but at the same time I can go socialize when I feel like I want to be social. It's nice to have an option at my job. I've also never worked in an office before this so it was nice to see what it's like. Since I work by myself, they gave me a total amount of hours a week they wanted me to work and from there I could choose when I got to work.

What I wish was different

Some days got to be very tedious and long so they weren't always exciting or I wasn't always in the mood for the quiet space.


You definitely have to want to be able to spend time with yourself because sometimes it can be a little isolating. I'm an extrovert but sometimes I do want to spend time alone and that is what made this job perfect for me.
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