MATV, Malden's Media Center

About MATV, Malden's Media Center

MATV is Malden’s vibrant community media center, whose mission is to “connect community, promote civic engagement, and nurture arts and culture in the city of Malden.”

A nonprofit organization, MATV operates three cable access channels – Public, Education and Government—and runs an online citizen journalism program, Neighborhood View ( MATV provides media training and resources to the diverse community that it serves. The facility hosts an art gallery with exhibits by local and regional artists. Along with the Malden Public Library, MATV is a lead partner in the “Malden Reads: One City, One Book” program, an expansive community reading program that promotes reading and builds community. MATV is deeply involved in the educational, civic, arts and cultural life of the city.

Depending on the interest and skills of the student, internships at MATV can focus on multi-media journalism, general media production, youth training, art gallery/exhibit coordination, community outreach and/or marketing/promotion.


Journalist Intern

May 2020 Malden, MA
“My position says journalist, but I was actually quite a few things and I enjoyed all of my positions. I have since helped in video/film production and taken complimentary classes to sharpen my reportage skills. I have been involved in the marketing team, attended events, lectures and gatherings. I even was part of the of the new logo design team as they are in the midst of a major transition. Overall I deeply enjoyed the nurturing and diverse environment. The people at MATV want to see students succeed and they care about everyone working under them.”
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