Matthews Dental Associates

Dental Receptionist

May - July 2022 • Hockessin, DE

What I liked

Honestly I could put everything in here. This experience was absolutely amazing and really opened my eyes to what I want in my future in the dental professions. Firstly the whole team at the office showed so much care, support and understanding to their patients; and not only to their patients but their fellow coworkers as well. The friendly work environment made me excited to get up to go to work each day and I honestly dreaded the thought that I had to leave the office at the end of the summer because the experience was so wonderful and anything anyone could want out of a job. Secondly, the way the office was run business wise was absolutely fantastic. The owners knew what they were doing and that in turn made sure they gave their patients the best possible care they could and support they needed. Adding one more thing I liked about the job being the environment was filled with learning opportunities and not only did I work front desk, I got to shadow some procedures, cleanings and work the dental assistants did. It was a fabulous learning experience that makes me know exactly what I want to strive for in my future and hopefully one day own business.

What I wish was different

Really cannot think of anything- Just an absolutely wonderful experience.


One piece of advice I would share about this experience is that knowing how to help different people and personalities etc. is so important in the field. Being able to work with all types of people makes the office much more inclusive and welcoming and if you want to succeed, being able to support and help whatever patient comes your way is an extremely important ability to have.
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