MATRIX Business Resource, Inc.

About MATRIX Business Resource, Inc.

MATRIX is a virtual business since its creation in 2003. Our clients are nationwide and in Canada.

MATRIX Business Resource, Inc. is a marketing and business development company that specializes in Leadership Development Companies and CEO/Peer Advisory Boards. We help our clients grow their business by using the latest in technology and marketing techniques.


Marketing Intern

January 2022 Poulsbo, WA
“I really enjoyed the people. This internship is completely remote so I was worried that I would not feel included but they made me feel like I was part of the group and was patient with me when I was learning their process. I also enjoyed the work. As someone interested in pursuing a career in marketing this internship was extremely helpful. I learned how to find prospective clients for their clients, create an automated social media calendar, and generate post ideas. Another reason this internship was so enjoyable was the founder of the company, Trinity, was willing to coach me on what was important to have in my post ideas and what should be changed. They were also willing to introduce me to their clients and I even had a one on one meeting with a client. This was so exciting to me because it helped me grow my connections in the business field.”
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