Mathematical Sciences Research Institute

Undergraduate Researcher

June - July 2018 • Berkeley, CA

What I liked

The program was organized effectively for us to learn advanced linear algebra and computer science in only 2 weeks, and the preparation allowed all of us to perform great research. This was great for someone like me, who did not do CS that well, and others who might have been more stronger in CS than in math. They also took us on trips throughout San Francisco every weekend, and reimbursed us for everything. In addition, we had invited speakers give talks once a week, including professors, graduate students, and graduate school counselors.

What I wish was different

I wish the program had been longer than 6 weeks, because thats a very short amount of time to perform quality research in. However, everything else was outstanding.


I would advise someone to put their fullest effort into the program, and to be ready to work 8am-1am everyday.
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