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About Mastodon Design

Mastodon Design was established in 2014 by three engineers. Today we have over 100 employees and have become the leader in communication equipment for the DOD and other agencies within the defense sector. Due to our philosophy of allowing all employees to grow and become successful both inside and outside of our company, coops and interns will have an experience unrivaled by any other company within the Northeast. Coops and interns are given the guidance needed to learn and gain experience while also given the freedoms necessary to prepare them for employment after graduation.


Radio Interface Designer

January 2022 Beavercreek, OH
“My boss is super generous and understanding. He's super flexible with hours so that we can get school things done. He lets co-ops borrow tools and is willing to help with personal projects. He also provides lunch, which is a major financial burden relieved. The experience is very student oriented and targeted at making us better. For my second term, I still believe this is the best part of the co-op. If you do good work and are a decent person, you are treated very well. It became very clear that he truly cares about my wellbeing. I also got a bit more freedom to work on my own with less management, which was nice.”

Design Engineer Intern

January 2019 Rochester, NY
“Excellent flexibility with a great mechanical team and supervisor. There were a lot of opportunities to work with multidisciplinary teams on meaningful design projects, which provided a great staging ground to learn new skills and meet experienced engineers. The work environment was very relaxed, one where self-starters will excel. ”
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