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We’re here for the student’s other ACT prep forgot.

As more and more employers require college degrees for their entry-level job positions, there’s now the expectation that students should immediately enter college after graduating high school. This creates the supplementary expectation that by graduation, high school students would be academically prepared for college. What is considered college readiness may differ from state to state and school to school, but one thing is clear: too many underserved students are not graduating college ready.
MasteryPrep provides several avenues that administrators and teachers can use to help their students reach their desired scores on the ACT. We work with the capabilities of each school to provide a curriculum that helps students master the college readiness skills needed for success on the ACT. Whether it’s a one-day Boot Camp, a subject-specific bell ringer lesson set, or a semester curriculum that walks students through each frequently tested topic in each subject, MasteryPrep’s available resources contain an abundance of practice questions and passages that emulate the structure and complexity of the ACT. For more information, check us out at


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May 2019 - October 2019 Richmond, VA
“The position was remote so I was able to travel a lot over the summer. I also liked that I worked against a deadline instead of a repeated schedule.”
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