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Mason Architects, Inc. (MASON) is Hawaii's foremost firm combining architecture, historic consulting, and sustainability. Founded in 1978, we are a thriving inter-disciplinary firm located in Honolulu, Hawaii. Nine of the staff meet Secretary of the Interior's Professional Qualifications Standards for Historic Architecture and/or Architectural History.

MASON's work throughout Hawai‘i and the Pacific Region includes preservation and master planning and other historical consulting. We are accustomed to working within Historic Districts on projects that require cultural or environmental sensitivity, Environmental Assessments and/or mitigation efforts. Our staff frequently acts as a historic consultant to other architecture and planning firms for projects which involve historic structures. Seventy percent of the firm's projects are preservation-related. The firm is experienced with various local, state, and federal regulatory requirements that relate to historic structures, and the majority of our transportation resource projects are undertaken in fulfillment of National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) Section 106 and 110, and HRS 6E review requirements.

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