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About Marstel-Day, LLC

Clients benefit from Marstel-Day’s expertise in developing innovative and effective solutions to their intractable land-use or planning problems while enhancing the environment and permanently conserving natural resources and wildlife habitat. Whether a client requires ecosystem-based compatible land use plans, climate adaptation studies, resource conservation analyses, mitigation and banking strategies, or conservation-based remediation and reuse plans for surplus military/federal real property, Marstel-Day utilizes its analytical rigor and inherent environmental ethic to achieve those goals. Through our analyses, we help clients identify, influence, and adapt to changing land uses, resources constraints, ecosystem services markets, and climate change impacts. Client projects and analyses are enhanced through our use of strategic, pro-active outreach and engagement with external stakeholders, assisting clients to develop win-win partnership solutions that address the local impacts of land use issues, such as sea level rise, loss and protection of critical habitat, and protection or enhancement of valuable ecosystem services.

Marstel-Day is a certified woman-owned, large business with a professionally diverse staff of researchers, analysts, planners, scientists, natural resources managers, real estate experts, and GIS professionals working collaboratively to bring innovative solutions to client requirements.

Marstel-Day is a sustainable service provider certified at the highest level of Platinum under the National Standards Foundation, International (NSFI) P391 sustainability standards and has been designated an official partner in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership program, as well as a sustainability partner in the Virginia DEQ’s Environmental Excellence Program. Marstel-Day also partners with CarbonFund as part of the company’s voluntary carbon disclosure and offset program.


GIS intern

June 2019 Fredericksburg, VA
“Everyone who works here is very nice and helpful! I have learned so much in my short time here.”
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