Marshall Teacher Residency

About Marshall Teacher Residency

The Marshall Teacher Residency is a one-year teacher preparation program providing hands-on clinical practice, personalized mentoring, in-classroom coaching, and a collaborative community. Our Resident placements throughout California. In just 12 months, become a credentialed teacher and receive priority hiring at 20 California districts and public charter networks! We provide affordable tuition and a living stipend, and California provides grants to cover your tuition.

As one of the most comprehensive residencies for aspiring teachers in the nation, we provide a pathway to:

~Single Subject Teaching
~Multiple Subject Teaching
~Education Specialist Instruction

Designed in partnership with experts from Stanford University, and born out of Summit Public Schools, we are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and partner with schools throughout California.



August 2021 El Cerrito, CA
“This might be the best teacher credentialling program I have ever heard of. I have received hands on training from a teacher in the classroom as well as engaging in coursework that feels more meaningful than anything I have ever participated in before. During the intensive summer coursework before the school year there was not a single day that felt like busy work or like it was being wasted. Every aspect felt intentional and clearly driven toward the goal of creating teachers who are competent and can succeed in empowering students of any background. Teachers who firmly believe that all students can learn, that the racist structures that can so often pervade school spaces should be dismantled and dropped like a hot potato, and that the best way to teach is to have power with students and not over them. While engaging in this program I have been a part of a community that is 100% focused on supporting me. If you truly wish to become a teacher of outstanding quality, the people at MTR will do everything in their power to help you grow into that goal AND make sure that you find a job when you graduate from the program. ”


July 2021 Los Angeles, CA
“MTR has an incredibly supportive staff with diverse experience in restorative teaching practice. Their knowledge and intentional guidance has been instrumental in my success of navigating a career change into teaching. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for an intensely reflective credential program that centers students and the deeper why of education in its pedagogy!”
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