Marion County, Oregon

Building Custodian

April - September 2020 • Salem, OR

What I liked

I loved working on my own (each custodian had a route to ourselves), being able to go my own pace and listen to music. I also liked the routine of it, doing the same thing every day was nice (not sure if I could handle that for longer than a few months though), and I also liked that my sister was also a custodian so we sometimes got to work together and have fun!

What I wish was different

I didn't love the hours (4 PM-1 AM), but it wasn't the worst because COVID shut everything down anyway, so I wasn't missing on going out or anything.


"Custodian" isn't a very glamorous job title and it's not like it is the most fun thing to do, but there is value in consistency/reliability (this was a government job, technically, and government wasn't shut down due to COVID, so knowing every two weeks that I'd be getting a paycheck was so comforting). I guess my advice would be to always consider what most adds value to you in a job, whether that be the social aspect, if it's along the lines of your dream career, salary, schedule, etc., and prioritize those qualifications... this might help you decide which jobs to apply for, and it might surprise you!
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