Marcus Technologies

About Marcus Technologies

Marcus Technologies is building a proprietary cloud-based platform to revolutionize the protein trading and logistics industries. Our technology connects vendors, buyers and traders in a way that provides value at all points in the process, bringing simplicity and usability to once obscured areas of the business.
We recognize that the industry is overdue for technological innovation. For too long, packers and their customers have relied on phone, email and spreadsheets to determine pricing and to coordinate delivery.
Our technology and service mindset changes all that. Our solution significantly improves the bottom line for our customers and partners. We automate slow, manual processes, not only making transactions more nimble, local and transparent, but significantly reducing the amount of food wasted around the world as well.
We are a diverse team of curious, collaborative change-makers using technology and data-driven insights to build a better food system. Learn more about our values here.



July 2019 - August 2019 Aurora, CO
“The friendly work environment. I received praise and recognition for doing well and working hard.”
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