Manufacturing Repair & Overstock, Inc.

Industrial Electronics Technician

October 2018 • Chattanooga, TN

What I liked

I like the size of the organization. I also appreciated the company's understanding of where I am at my career, my experience level, and most importantly, their willingness to train me and support me in learning and improving my skillset. The people I work with are extremely knowledgeable. I am allowed to fail, which only helps in the learning process. I am provided with resources and the communication channels are very clear. In my many years of work, I'm a non-traditional student, I can say that I love coming to work every day. I work on a multitude of electronic devices and every day is different. It is a fun and encouraging environment. You want to work here!

What I wish was different

I can't say that anything was different...other than I wish I had found this opportunity sooner!


Be honest. Be clear about what your desires and expectations are with your career. Be willing to learn and express that in an interview. This is a growing company and there are things that will change, but that is the beauty of the company. The owners are invested and will help you achieve your goals.
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