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About M3 Engineering & Technology

M3 is a privately held full-service design firm. As our name represents, we are a merger of 3 disciplines: Architecture, Engineering and Construction Management providing continuous design and construction services from project conception to final testing and integration.
Centered in a region with significant mining, industrial and astronomical projects, we are well known both domestically and internationally for our contributions to these industries. M3 has the experience and expertise to develop creative design solutions for a wide variety of project types ranging from complicated dynamic structures, to state of the art research laboratories, with cost of construction varying from $1,000 to more than $1 billion.


Piping Engineer

February 2019 Chandler, AZ
“New knowledge in the field of metallurgy and minerals processing for mining plants. Friendly and supportive group atmosphere. ”

Tracer - Structural Engineering Department

May 2018 Tucson, AZ
“I really like the working environment at M3. Everyone is very nice to each other and willing to help one another. M3 has a very good management system that allows each employee to feel free talking about their concerns and get the feedback right away. M3 also has very good benefits for the employees including interns and part time workers.”
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