Lyten, Inc.

About Lyten, Inc.

Lyten is a fast-growing advanced materials company and we’re looking for talented people who want to help us make a lasting impact on the world. Lyten has developed a breakthrough technology to custom design and manufacture Lyten 3D Graphene™, a platform of carbon-based materials that has the promise to transform many industries.

Imagine helping to transform the transportation industry to become more electric and reduce emissions in our atmosphere with a safer and more powerful battery platform. Imagine helping to develop new types of plastic materials that are stronger yet also weigh less, which reduces fuel costs in the shipping and logistics industry. Imagine building a chemical sensor that can better detect off-gasses or dangerous chemicals in order to save lives.

With so many possibilities, how would you like to help make the world a better place?


Robotics Intern

January 2018 Sunnyvale, CA
“Challenging position and industry. There are a lot of engineering problems to be solved in the autonomous vehicle industry.”
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