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Luxfer is a leading producer of highly engineered industrial materials serving attractive end markets worldwide. Our high-value innovative solutions help to improve peoples lives, keep them safer, and make their work more productive.

Our high-performance products are used in a broad range of applications across global end-markets including transportation, defense and emergency response, and healthcare, and in general industrial applications. We work in close collaboration with our customers to introduce innovative solutions that improve the quality of life for people worldwide.

Luxfer products are used all around us:

- Most firefighters in the U.S. carry a Luxfer lightweight air cylinder to enable them to breathe in hazardous environments.
- Proprietary soluble metal alloys speed maintenance and repair of oil and gas wells to maximize productive uptime.
- Lightweight components made from advanced Luxfer metal alloys and processes improve fuel efficiency in aircraft, trucks, buses, trains and cars.
- High-pressure composite pressure vessels hold compressed natural gas that reduces vehicle exhaust emissions.
- Catalysts incorporating Luxfer materials protect the environment and people by removing toxic metals from drinking water, industrial effluent and the air.
- Highly engineered metal powders by Luxfer help to keep defense forces safe and give them hot meals anywhere in the world.
- Decorative embossing on book covers, wine labels and other printed materials are accomplished using Luxfer magnesium plates and etching processes for top-quality results.
- We seek to build value for our shareholders by focusing on delivering highly engineered proprietary products, while maintaining a disciplined approach to capital allocation. At Luxfer, we put safety and our customers first in a high-performance culture that values responsibility and accountability.

We employ approximately 1,700 people in 27 countries and operate 20 manufacturing plants in 7 countries. Our global headquarters are located in the U.K. and our North American headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For 2017, total revenue was $441 million. A public company since 2012, our stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol LXFR.


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