Luther Quintana Upholstery

Design Assistant

March 2019 • Deer Park, NY

What I liked

The work environment is extremely inviting and progressive. The office is very open minded. The operations manager is enthusiastic about teaching and is also open to new ideas. As my position solidifies , I more responsibilities allowing myself to grow and take advantage of new opportunities. I am also given a lot of exposure to business and the intricacies of running a business. Along with this, comes exposure to marketing and design of not only furniture but of the website and other customer connected interfaces.

What I wish was different

The training process was quicker than expected and may not be the best for certain people. I feel like it was necessary and allowed more momentum to be carried into tackling larger tasks.


The importance of detail is emphasized everyday. It not only holds the company to a high standard but the attention of detail that is stressed, carries through to the customer very well. It showcases not only the qualiy of the product but also the customer service.
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