Luther College

Career Special Projects Associate

June - August 2021 • Decorah, IA

What I liked

I enjoyed having the opportunity to collaborate with others in a professional setting, contribute my thoughts to meaningful discussions centered around wellbeing and student life enhancement, and learn more about myself, my co-workers, and fellow students on a personal level.

What I wish was different

I wish I could have had more time to complete my projects and assist students with their materials. I prefer to engage with people on a deeper level and not rush the interactions, which I sometimes felt was difficult to manage due to the time constraints of the work-study program.


I would advise other students to ensure they have the capacity, time, and energy to dedicate their time to sit down for purposeful conversations with students and alumni about their aspirations, challenges they're facing, and discovering their identity. This position is extremely rewarding, but effort and initiative are necessary aspects.
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