Lumi Health

About Lumi Health

At Lumi we're helping cardiologists and their teams improve outpatient care for patients with Heart Failure

Our vision is to streamline and coordinate care to reduce clinical risk, improve key outcomes, and enhance the patient care experience.

We do this through our AI-enabled care care platform which focuses cardiologists and their care team on interventions with the greatest impact

Our goals are to improve the standard of care and reduce the burden on physicians; all while keeping patients health and happy.

Lumi's approach is proven, evidence-based, and patient-centric and includes our combination of People, Process, and Technology.

For physicians, it means extra “arms and legs” that will assist in clinical risk reduction and ambulatory condition management

For Patients, it means providing team-based care “at the right time” and “at the right place” with minimal disruption

Lumi Health is an American Heart Association Innovator Network partner company

We're providing opportunities to eligible interns in:

- Clinical Innovations (protocols, interventions, patient engagement)
- Technical Innovations (engineering, product development, data analytics)
- Business and Operations (growth, marketing, fundraising, finance)

Reach out to us at or through a job posting if you want to be a part of our journey


Healthcare Analyst Intern

October 2020 Washington, DC
“My internship experience with Lumi has been nothing short of amazing. I initially came into this program unclear of my intended career path, however, I've been able to explore multiple aspects of a rapidly growing digital health startup and delve into my passions within the healthcare industry. I have been mentored by highly established professionals and their guidance has allowed me to have impactful contributions to the company's goals. I'm proud to work at Lumi Health because of the team's growth mindset, collaborative environment, and support for all team members. The exceptional team at Lumi has fostered my immense professional and personal development through the course of my internship!”

Healthcare Analyst Intern

July 2019 - May 2020 Washington, DC
“Interning at Lumi Health was an extremely rewarding and fun experience . The Lumi team is very close-knit so I was able to work shoulder to shoulder with the executives, physicians, and advisors on a wide variety of projects and receive valuable mentorship not just for my work but also for my future medical career. It was a great gap-year opportunity for me to pursue my passion for AI technologies in healthcare and work alongside some very talented individuals at the forefront of the healthcare industry. ”
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