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About Lubrizol Corporation

Lubrizol, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a technology-driven global company that combines complex, specialty chemicals to optimize the quality, performance and value of customers’ products while reducing their environmental impact. Lubrizol produces and supplies technologies to customers in the global transportation, industrial and consumer markets. These technologies include lubricant additives for engine oils, driveline and other transportation-related fluids, industrial lubricants, and additives for gasoline and diesel fuel. In addition, Lubrizol makes ingredients and additives for home care and personal care products and pharmaceuticals, and specialty materials, including plastics technology and performance coatings in the form of resins and additives.


Process Development Engineer

August 2022 - December 2022 Wickliffe, OH
“I liked how much responsibility they gave me and how my projects were my own, I really felt like a member of the team. Full time engineers were very interested in getting to know me and were very willing to offer guidance. I felt very integrated into the company and could definitely envision myself working there full time. ”

Manufacturing Co-op

May 2023 - August 2023 Painesville, OH
“I enjoyed getting to be a part of day-to-day activities in the fast-paced environment of manufacturing. I was able to attend and participate in daily safety walks, discussions about improvements and 5S implementations, and I helped to work on pertinent action items. Some examples of projects I was able to work were implementing a dynamic level indicator for tanks that are used to make multiple materials and therefore require multiple safetop thresholds. I also worked on creating a spreadsheet to populate all of our in-process sampling data, analyzing the trends that are seen for different tests, and making process improvements to reduce the number of failed tests. Lastly, I ran a batch with a modified batch sheet to see if we could increase the yield by adding in the diluent at the end rather than in the middle of the batch. ”
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