LEMO Foundation

About LEMO Foundation

LEMO, a 501c3 is a collaborative performance environment for conceptualizing and bringing to life social good ideas through sports, tech & philosophy. Highly visual in nature, the inspiring environment invites student athletes from ALL socioeconomic communities to train like pros & solve life’s big problems. Our focus is building a collective intelligence base in constant exchange of skills and expertise; from on the field instincts to off the field development, from business acumen to hand-drawn sketches, from poetic imagery to lines of code. While the student-athletes (ages 11-18) drive the process, LEMO provides guidance, resources and the encouragement needed to tackle the impossible...together.



June 2019 - August 2019 Redwood City, CA
“I loved being involved in an organization with a mission statement that my values align with and being able to work with an absolutely incredible group of people”
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