Lazard Asset Management

What are some characteristics of Lazard's work culture?

Very friendly colleagues, with motivated culture. Individuals are genuine and are excited about deal work. Very supportive of upward trajectory within the firm and passionate about junior level development. Lean deal teams mean that analysts are as highly valued as any other senior member and are...
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In a nutshell, how can I succeed at Lazard?

Clear understanding of accounting and financial statement analysis. Financial modeling as well as presentation skills for conveying your findings to portfolio managers. Ability to communicate effectively and reach out for help to senior members when needed - they have a genuine open door policy, ...
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Do you think it's possible that Lazard gives out return offers to their interns? If so, how should I approach it?

Make sure to network with as many members of your team and people outside as well. Take the help of your assigned mentors and your project manager. Deliver a compelling presentation at the end of the internship to convince the group that you have what it takes to be an indispensable member of the...
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Was there complete ownership as a research analyst working for Lazard?

Complete ownership. It is a very entrepreneurial environment that focuses on you driving the project assigned to you during your summer internship. You should take advantage of the resources at hand as well as the senior professionals around you to guide you through the process. They will give yo...
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