Las Vegas Lights FC

Corporate Partnerships

May 2019 • Las Vegas, NV

What I liked

Love working the games. Especially tailgate to be meeting and working with various individuals and organizations from the greater Las Vegas area. Also enjoyed attending to lunches and other opportunities that had allowed me to interact with our partners, company staff, and community. I.e. networking lunches, recap meetings, attending to their offices, viewing parties, etc. I also enjoyed game says for the opportunity to learn and associate with our partners and learn about how we are fulfilling the nevessary and required details of their contact with our organization. Another thing I enjoyed were the "happier hour" or post after parties and half time shows on game days. It allowed me to socialize with the team players, coaches, company staff, community members, dj, and partners. One other moment i enjoyed was a tour of Zappos. I had attended with our partners. Dennys had hosted breakfast for everyone prior at the end of the tour. It was a pleasure to view one of our partners headquarters.

What I wish was different

Experience with partners. Not often does the intern get to leave the office but when when it is allowed it is exciting and provides clear insight on our partner, their views, needs, etc. Hands on experience with how to interact with other industry leaders is important.


Sports entertainment was never something I saw myself goninto to. But I am happy that I did. Not only because of the opportunities that were given or available to me but also because of the staff in my office. Corporate partmerships is different from marketing, operations, and ticket sales. The position entails collecting and reviewing data, contracts, managing contact information for half time show winners, rsvp for specially applied company events that are private. It is exciting to share in the making of how tonplease our partners and meeting with them. One piece of advice is that though i did not see myself in this position I am glad I took up the opportunity. With much hard work and dedication promotion is possible. Hard work does not go unnoticed. So one must keep it up to continue progressing within the company.
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