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About LANXESS Corporation

At LANXESS, we are “Energizing Chemistry.” This phrase perfectly embodies our philosophy and operating principles as well as our view of the entire chemical industry. To us, energizing chemistry can be described very simply:
 Be quick, agile and resilient.
 Focus on the essentials.
 Continuously improve performance and products to help customers, the environment, employees and society as a whole.

LANXESS, as a part of the greater chemical industry, has the performance capabilities and innovative strength to meet these commitments. We believe that by follow¬ing these principles and energizing chemistry, we can improve the quality of life of people across the world. Further, we see that our innovations and products are making important contributions to society.
It is our corporate responsibility to create lasting value for all shareholders and to consciously address the impact of our actions. The only way to guarantee the future success and sustainability of our company is to balance our strategy with the demands of the economy, ecology and society. At LANXESS, we take a long-term view and use our knowledge, ability and experience to develop product and technologies that will protect the climate and environment and improve people’s quality of life.

We are responsible employers and support social and cultural projects all over the world. Corporate responsibility is integral to every aspect of our enterprise. With our global headquarters in Cologne, Germany, LANXESS is comprised of 19,000 employees and 75 production sites in 19 countries with manufacturing, sales and customer service capabilities in all regions of the world.


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