Labeaud LLC

About Labeaud LLC

Labeaud LLC is a sub-contractor which offers temp-to-hire services to manage your remote staffing needs. Prime contractors hire Labeaud LLC for temporary administrative support for their projects and contracts . We offer project management assistants and a variety of other types of remote professionals. Labeaud LLC has an international talent pool of pre-qualified, screened and trained remote workers for your temporary and long term projects. We're a cost effective solution. More than staffing your needs, we help companies prepare to hire even if they have no onboarding or training SOPs in place. Labeaud LLC, has long standing relationships with dependable, reliable and skillful candidates ready to work.


Cheif Operating Officer Intern

October 2020 Dallas, TX
“I have consistent direct communication with the CEO. Whenever something may not be particularly clear to me she is always open to answering questions along with her Executive Assistant. I am getting ample experience in time management and being able to dip my toe into several different types of projects while improving on my own personal skills”

Data Analyst Intern Lead

May 2020 - August 2020 Dallas, TX
“Friendly working environment. The team is so welcoming that we can approach her with anything and will guide you through. We will get a lot of experience in different areas and we can choose our areas of interest. Will help you out even after you are done with them, not many do that.”
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