Kinetic Reality Inc

Cloud Data Engineer Intern

June - August 2019 • Sunnyvale, CA

What I liked

I was exposed to many different projects and was allowed to take the initiative in many. I was able to design my own architecture of a filter on the quaternion class and produce various methods of receiving and sending 3D motion capture movements. I also had a great mentor and a CTO. They taught me the basics components of a good programmer in terms of writing clear concise code, documenting my work well, and how to technically communicate with my coworkers.

What I wish was different

The engineers at the company were great, but there was very little communication with the CEO and where he wants to take the company. Simply put, I did not see a clear vision of the CEO. Working at a small startup, it is difficult to have a promised future, but dedication is difficult when I don't even see a sketch of the future. Hence, I respectfully declined the return offer.


It is often difficult to find out who your mentor is or what the culture of your team is going to be like until you start working for the company, but try to find as much information as possible before you start. Although the company wasn't in a great state when I worked, I had a lot of fun since I knew that my mentor and the CTO were very cool people after a phone call with them. Normally, you can request a phone call with various engineers from the company before you start.
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