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About Kids 4 Coding

Tech Education for Kids & Teens

At Kids 4 Coding, we’re preparing future engineers, architects, programmers and entrepreneurs through FUN, confidence-building curricula (designed by tech experts & educators) that capture kids' imaginations and motivate them to succeed.

Kids 4 Coding inspires our youth through innovative, hands-on projects and challenges designed to propel kids to Tech Readiness. Students gain an edge in STEM while learning to create and program (code) games, apps, websites, robots and more!


Coding Instructor

May 2020 - April 2021 Atlanta, GA
“My experience being an instructor at Kids 4 Coding was incredible. It was quite rewarding to teach the students about useful concepts like python, machine learning, and game development and watch them grow throughout the class. Additionally, it was always enjoyable to see them apply their creativity to the lesson and approach the course challenges with a unique mindset. All in all, the experience was incredible and I would recommend it to anyone interested in teaching the next generation about fascinating technology concepts!”

Coding Instructor

July 2022 - October 2022 Cambridge, MA
“I really liked being a Coding Instructor for Kids 4 Coding. Teaching such important concepts to interested children was far more rewarding than I ever could have imagined prior to starting the job. The opportunity gave me a great chance to work on my leadership skills and improve the way that I convey technical ideas and concepts to others. I genuinely looked forward to showing up to work everyday and would absolutely recommend this job to anyone who has interest in EdTech.”
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