About kidOYO

kidOYO® produces 501(c)(3) public benefit educational infrastructure used by leading K-12 classrooms to deliver personalized and engaging learning experiences for students and teachers in areas covering Computer Science, Engineering, Coding and Entrepreneurship education.

A core part of kidOYO is OYO, literally. OYO stands for "Own Your Own" and represents the mentality behind this Non-for-profit and its actions. All people learn at different speeds and with different methods. Here at kidOYO we make it our mission to provide an educational infrastructure that delivers an engaging, flexible learning experience in areas such as computer science, engineering, and entrepreneurship education. kidOYO® works with schools, universities, and other companies to create new opportunities for families, corporate employers, and administrators in K-12 schools and local communities. kidOYO makes it possible to "Own Your Own" education.



September 2018 Stony Brook, NY
“The job is extremely relaxed yet engaging since you work with students who are motivated to program. You learn a bit about public speaking by leading lectures about a programming language you are familiar with. The students you work with can range anywhere from novice to expert so no matter what you feel productive.”
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