KFW Engineers & Surveying

Civil Engineering Intern

August 2019 • San Antonio, TX

What I liked

I enjoy seeing what people who graduate with my major do on a day to day basis as well as doing most of those things myself. It's really cool to experience all the things that go on inside the office for yourself rather than insights and speculations from professors who, although they are great, haven't really been in an office in quite some time. There was certainly a small learning curve at first but after my time working for KFW i feel confident i could be successful in any civil firm.

What I wish was different

the only thing i would advise is going in with the understanding that your employers will value your education and its importance in the work place. Taking on an internship or anything while going to school can quickly start to feel like a lot. So i would plan ahead and manage your time well and if working becomes too much let your bosses know and request to modify your schedule to allow adequate time for both learning in school and learning in the workplace.


i currently am still interning for KFW and i plan to be until i graduate, but one thing i have noticed is that when i started here i surveyed for a whole summer. As i understand this is not typical for civil engineering interns but i strongly recommend getting some time in the field because it certainly helps by the time you make it into the office.
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